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Lowlander Beer Brewery

Lowlander Beer is an Amsterdam-based brewery that has been traveling back to the Dutch origins of brewing and distilling since 2015. Indeed, in days gone by, brewers combined beer with botanicals to give their brews extra flavor. Gruit, as the often-secret blend of herbs was called, has mostly been supplanted by hops in today's breweries. Lowlander Beer was inspired by this to start making beer the original way.

From their experience at both breweries and gin and gin distilleries, the "Lowlanders" experimented with different botanicals for their beer. This expedition brought them to Jacob Hooy for the best quality flavorings. In 1743, Hooy opened a herb stand on Amsterdam's Nieuwmarkt; more than three centuries later, the historic herbalist is still the specialist in herbs and spices. The brewers of Lowlander could therefore have their fun here!

An insatiable hunger for new discoveries is in Lowlander Beer's blood. The brewers are relentlessly setting a course to expand the assortment!