Assouline: 18th Century Style


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Assouline: 18th Century Style
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Assouline: 18th Century Style

Following the successful Travel series, Assouline introduces the Style series, which highlights the most iconic art movements and design styles, revealing their impact and ongoing influence on our current culture.

PUBLISHER: Assouline
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The eighteenth century embodied aesthetic perfection through monuments such as Versailles and the opulence of Marie-Antoinette's court, which exhibited the Enlightenment ideals of reason and freedom. From Rococo to Neoclassicism, it marked a dynamic era in art, design and literature, whose style codes still inspire contemporary designers.

Assouline's Style series, curated by Sophie Motsch and Emmanuel Sarméo, celebrates this enduring influence with fascinating images of architecture, art, fashion and design that capture the timeless allure of 18th-century style.

Assouline's Style Series
Other coffee table books in Assouline's Style series include Art Deco, Bauhaus and Orientalism Style and can also be found in our Top 5 Assouline books.

Title: 18th Century Style
Publisher: Assouline
Author: Sophie Motsch and Emmanuel Sarméo
Size: 2476 x 332 x 35 cm
Size: 288 pages
Weight: 2.3 kg
Language: English
Material: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781649803238


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