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Born in Oasi Zegna
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Born in Oasi Zegna

Coffee table book 'Born in Oasi Zegna' about Spanish fashion house ZEGNA recalls more than 100 years of unprecedented heritage



The coffee table book "Born in Oasi Zegna" about the Spanish fashion house ZEGNA recalls more than 100 years of unparalleled heritage through stunning imagery and inspiring anecdotes. It is a timeless document, a playbook, a visual story blossoming from the original ZEGNA seed that is now coming to fruition for the world. Discover how pioneer Ermenegildo Zegna transformed ideas into the world's finest fabrics while creating a forest, a road and communities.

"Born in Oasi Zegna," published by Rizzoli, looks at the Oasi Zegna nature reserve in the Italian Alps, where ZEGNA opened its first wolf factory in 1910 and has since nurtured a thriving natural ecosystem of more than 500,000 trees." - MOKUMO.

A beautifully designed collectible with universal appeal, Born in Oasi Zegna brings our founder's extraordinary legacy to life through interactive pull-outs, sculptural pop-ups and tactile materials that uphold our enduring philosophy. Told in four chapters inspired by the cycle of nature's seasons, the book's artful non-chronological structure pays homage to the timeless fundamentals behind the world's leading luxury menswear brand. Unprecedented in scope and concept, Born in Oasi Zegna makes tangible the all-important ethos behind the beauty ZEGNA aims to produce. It is an ethos that unites people and the environment, values and well-being in a vertically integrated system of actions: a mindset that will live on forever.

Title: Born in Oasi Zegna
Publisher: Rizzoli
Size: 280 x 360 mm
Size: 224 pages
Weight: 2400 grams
Language: English
Material: Hardcover


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