Hokkai - The taste of Japan in IJmuiden


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Hokkai - The Taste of Japan in IJmuiden

Hokkai - The taste of Japan in IJmuiden

This cookbook is about the food eaten every day by millions of Japanese; Japanese home cooking. Dishes that you can easily make yourself.


The cookbook "Hokkai - The taste of Japan in IJmuiden" by Japanese chef Kuniyoshi Othowara focuses on katei-ryori, Japanese home cooking. The dishes are easy to make yourself with ingredients that are easily available here. In addition to the recipes, we take you on a culinary voyage of discovery through the fundamentals of Japanese food culture, provided with engaging stories, beautiful photography and fascinating films.

"Our book is about the food eaten every day by millions of Japanese construction workers, politicians, schoolchildren, senior citizens, businessmen and stay-at-home moms. In other words, Japanese home cuisine. Dishes you can easily make yourself! Between the recipes we take you on a culinary journey of discovery along the cornerstones of Japanese food culture," says Marinus Noordenbos (fishmonger and owner of restaurant Hokkai).

Restaurant Hokkai in IJmuiden
Hokkai has been a familiar name in the port of IJmuiden since 1993. Thanks to the unique seafood it supplies, Japanese people all over Europe feel at home again. The Hokkai Kitchen restaurant also introduces Dutch people to authentic Japanese cuisine.

Title: Hokkai - The taste of Japan in IJmuiden
Author: Joris Vermeer
Size: 239 x 287 x 46 mm
Size: 200 pages
Weight: 2626 grams
Language: English
Material: Hardcover
ISBN: 9789090379432


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