Jimmy Nelson: Humanity


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Jimmy Nelson: Humanity
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Jimmy Nelson: Humanity

The photo book "Jimmy Nelson: Humanity" is about photographer Jimmy Nelson's personal and artistic journey in search of indigenous peoples around the world


The beautiful photobook "Jimmy Nelson: Humanity" is about famed photographer Jimmy Nelson's personal and artistic journey around the world, a means of taking people on a deeper journey of reflection on their own identity as part of the universal family of people.

Jimmy Nelson's trips resemble field expeditions, with much preparation and contingencies to consider. They can take weeks, if not months. For Jimmy Nelson, travel is an essential part of his artistic process, symbolizing a determined search for what it means to be human, deep inside, from our shared origins on the African continent. During this process, he has reconnected with his own deeper self and realized that humanity is one.

In Jimmy Nelson: Humanity, the photographer passionately shares why he is obsessively searching for a form of art that can encompass what he experiences in the field, when he finds a harmonious alignment with the people, nature and light; a sense of balance that creates a symphony of experiences that analog photography, in the form of the giant 10×8 negatives, can almost express and that allows him to channel all the emotions he wants to capture visually into a single moment.

Jimmy Nelson
Jimmy Nelson is a British photographer, living in Amsterdam, who discovered the power of the camera at the age of nineteen. Nelson then made a hike through Tibet where, armed with a small camera, he recorded his journey. An adventure that took him about a year. Back in England, Nelson began his career as a professional photojournalist, working in conflict zones such as Afghanistan, Kashmir and Yugoslavia. He gained worldwide fame with his coffee-table book 'Before They Pass Away'. For this project, he traveled the world for two and a half years, photographing 35 indigenous tribes. After the success of his first book, Nelson surprised the world with photo books such as "Homage to Humanity" and "Between the Sea and the Sky.

Title: Jimmy Nelson: Humanity
Author: Jimmy Nelson
Publisher: Skira
Size: 252 x 328 x 23 mm
Size: 200 pages
Weight: 1389 grams
Language: English
Material: Hardcover
ISBN: 9788857251059


Jimmy Nelson

Jimmy Nelson is a British photojournalist and photographer who throughout his three-decade career has traveled the world creating ethnographic portraits of indigenous peoples whose survival is increasingly threatened. He began as a photographer in 1987 after a one-year journey on foot through Tibet. The images he captured ...







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