ODE: Vivian Hoorn by Philippe Vogelenzang


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ODE: Vivian Hoorn by Philippe Vogelenzang
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ODE: Vivian Hoorn by Philippe Vogelenzang

The photo book "ODE" by photographer Philippe Vogelenzang and his muse Vivian Hoorn is a love letter to the body in all its fluctuations. An embrace of folds, wrinkles and textures, constantly shifting and growing.

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For the coffee table book "ODE," photographer Philippe Vogelenzang captured his muse Vivian Hoorn in the landscape of Ibiza. The beautiful nude book, a collaboration with the Amsterdam publisher MENDO, captures Vivian unclothed and vulnerable, yet powerful at the same time. Bordering on optical illusions, Vogelenzang's masterful compositions dazzle and seduce the eye with an intricate play of light and sculptural forms of her body. 

ODE is a love letter to the body in all its fluctuations: as it is, as it was and as it can be. An embrace of folds, wrinkles and textures, constantly shifting and growing - just like the person underneath. Against the backdrop of enchanting Ibiza, an oasis of natural beauty, the boundaries between human form and environment blur.

Is it a mountain or the contour of a bust? The pattern of skin follicles or dry desert soil? Questions like these become less pressing with each page, as they turn out to be reflections of the same essence. Culminating in a powerful, universal message: every physique harbors a beautiful landscape that deserves to be seen in every possible sun.

ODE unfolds in three chapters, showing Vivian's transformation parallel to the sun's journey in a single day: overture, day and eclipse. From sunrise to sunset, set against the silver hues of an early morning, the intense orange at noon and the deep blue of dusk. A sensory, intimate journey.

Title: ODE: Vivian by Vogelenzang
Author: Sanne Bolten
Publisher: Mendo
Size: 240 x 310 mm
Size: 304 pages
Weight: 2100 grams
Language: English
Material: Hardcover
ISBN: 9789464914092


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