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Richard Mille
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Richard Mille

A photographic tribute to the wristwatches of the world's most luxurious watch brand Richard Mille, whose timepieces are instantly recognizable through the use of high-tech materials and unusual design.

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Watchmaker Richard Mille has dedicated his career to haute horlogerie, or; the high art of watch design. After a long career as a designer of the most successful Audemars Piguet watches, the Frenchman decided in 2001 to launch his own brand from Les Breuleux, Switzerland, together with his AP colleague designer Dominique Guenat. Today, Richard Mille ranks among the top most luxurious watch brands in the world.  

Richard Mille's love of precision mechanisms and his passion for technological perfection inspired his creations. Thousands of hours devoted to technical research in a state-of-the-art workshop in the Swiss Jura resulted in 2001 in the realization and marketing of a wristwatch that was the most ergonomic and technically advanced watch of its time. Since then, numerous new models have been created and successfully launched.

In a Richard Mille watch, the concept dictates the parts and not the other way around. Therefore, there is no standard part. Carbon fiber, silicon, metallic and non-metallic alloys and ceramics are no longer exclusive to the automotive, aerospace or space industries. These materials offer haute horlogerie fantastic possibilities and new technical solutions, provided they accept the challenge of adapting them to watchmaking. These precious materials must be tried and tested many times before their full potential for watchmaking is appreciated and understood by toolmakers and watchmakers. Therefore, watches by Richard Mille can be considered futuristic high-tech works of art.

Title: Ricard Mille
Author: Alain Borer
Publisher: Cercle d'arte
Size: 274 x 328 x 32 mm
Size: 240 pages
Weight: 2394 grams
Language: English
Material: Hardcover
ISBN: 9782702210741


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