Sonia Sieff: Rendezvous!


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Sonia Sieff: Rendezvous!
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Sonia Sieff: Rendezvous!

Following Les Françaises, Sonia Sieff's acclaimed book on the beauty of the female form, now comes her unprecedented and sublime exploration of the male nude.



Following her acclaimed and distinctly feminist take on female nudity, Sieff now turns her lens to men from all walks of life photographed in diverse locations in Sieff's native France, in neighboring countries in Europe and as far away as Africa in this second volume of her nude portraits. The fifty men in Sieff's story celebrate diversity and body-positivity, creating a body of work that is as sexy as it is intimate.

Beautifully staged with a knowing eye, the more than 100 photographs describe the inner lives of men at rest and play; Sieff captures each man's distinct personality while conveying a unique sense of place. Photographed in incomparable landscapes, from the sunlit Mediterranean to the tranquility of Parisian bedrooms, this is a fresh take on male nudity.

Sonia Sieff
Photographer and director Sonia Sieff found her path at the age of 17 by traveling. She learned the craft on film sets with renowned directors of photography before turning to fashion. Her artistic style revolves around controlling light with a loving eye and emphasizing her subject's body and personality through nudes and portraits.

Title: Sonia Sieff: Rendezvous!
Author: Sonia Sieff
Publisher: Rizzoli
Size: 229 x 309 x 19 mm
Size: 176 pages
Weight: 1124 grams
Language: English
Material: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780847899678


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