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The Porsche Book (pre-order)
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The Porsche Book (pre-order)

Impressive photographs, an avant-garde layout and cool texts make this coffee table book an indispensable must-have for Porsche enthusiasts

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Driving a Porsche is a very special lifestyle, a philosophy of its own - and an absolute necessity in the life of a car enthusiast. That is why this fascinating coffee table book inextricably combines everything that belongs to Ferdinand Porsche's luxury brand: impressive photos, an avant-garde layout and cool texts make this coffee table book an indispensable must-have for Porsche enthusiasts and a valuable piece of German automotive history.

The German automobile brand and Porsche's success story could not be more comprehensively and glamorously presented than in this illustrated book: High-gloss illustrations characterized by avant-garde aesthetics, exclusive design sketches and fascinating technical details about all series models - and yes, before you ask, the legendary Porsche 911 is included! Michael Köckritz also highlights Porsche's significance as a luxury brand and racing car icon, unique in the history of motorsports and sports cars. Expert interviews with insiders from the Porsche cosmos round out the coffee table book with fascinating details.

Only a passionate Porsche driver like journalist, artist and media maker Michael Köckritz can adequately describe the fascination of the Stuttgart sports car legend - because he captures in words and intoxicating images exactly what Porsche fans and collectors feel! The combination of luxury, lifestyle and race car history that unites perhaps the most legendary German car brand explains only part of the myth of "driving a Porsche." In the style of the car culture magazine ramp founded by Köckritz, he presents a fascinating piece of automotive history in The Porsche Book: a coffee table book for which luxury is as natural as the number 911 is for Porsche.

Title: The Porsche Book
Author: Michael Köckritz
Publisher: teNeues
Size: 215 x 140 x 27 mm
Size: 304 pages
Weight: 1.9 kg
Language: English
Material: Hardcover
ISBN: 9783961716111
Appears: July 25, 2024


Michael Köckritz

As a journalist, author, artist and media creator, Michael Köckritz always manages to deliver attention-grabbing inspiration with good-natured ease when it comes to contemporary and visionary topics and the world of lifestyle and publisher and editor-in-chief, he has produced numerous books and lifestyle magazines that have long received regular national and international awards...







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