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Assouline: Tokyo Chic
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Assouline: Tokyo Chic

The Assouline Chic Series takes readers on a journey to the most sought-after cities, sharing stories and celebrating the hot spots and characters that have made each location a must-see.

PUBLISHER: Assouline
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In Assouline's impressive coffee-table book "Tokyo Chic," Andrea Fazzari, a Tokyo-based, James Beard Award-winning photographer, author, director and food consultant specializing in culture and travel, invites readers to explore her personal version of Tokyo.

From fascinating films and novels to avant-garde fashion and sophisticated cuisine, Tokyo has been a source of inspiration for generations. Celebrating the beauty of all the city has to offer, this edition pays tribute to the Japanese capital's eye-catching architecture, sought-after dining scene and unparalleled sense of style.

Narrated and imagined by photographer and author Andrea Fazzari, Coffee Table Book is the latest addition to Assouline's signature Chic Series. Living in Tokyo for many years, she takes all travel lovers on an imaginary journey through the city's eclectic neighborhoods, letting us discover new and unexpected personalities along the way thanks to exclusive tips and testimonials.

Title: Tokyo Chic
Author: Andrea Fazzari
Publisher: Assouline
Size: 246 x 330 x 39 mm
Size: 272 pages
Weight: 2900 grams
Language: English
Material: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781649802361


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