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Anton Corbijn exhibition 'MOØDe' now at the Cobra Museum in Amstelveen.

Dive into the fascinating world of fashion photography with Anton Corbijn's exhibition MOØDe at the Cobra Museum in Amstelveen. More than 200 photographs take you on a journey through the career of this leading photographer and filmmaker, revealing how he uniquely combines fashion and portraiture. In addition to exhibition, there is the photo book MOØDe which is now available through MOKUMO.

Corbijn's eye for detail and atmosphere

The exhibition features work from 1979 to 2023, with iconic images of Kate Moss, Tom Waits, Alexander McQueen and Naomi Campbell. Admire Corbijn's talent for capturing the personality of his models and combining it with the power of fashion.

Fashion photography: more than just clothes

MOØDe goes beyond the surface of fashion. Corbijn explores the deeper meaning of clothing and how it can influence our identity, emotions and moods. Photography plays a crucial role in the world of fashion, and Corbijn proves with his unique style that fashion is all around us.

A look behind the scenes

In MOØDe, you will not only experience the beauty of the photographs, but also get a behind-the-scenes look at Corbijn's creative process. Learn more about his sources of inspiration and method, and discover how he arrives at his iconic images.

A must-see for lovers of photography, fashion and art

MOØDe is a unique exhibition not to be missed if you are interested in photography, fashion or contemporary art. Be inspired by Corbijn's vision and experience the power of fashion to tell stories.

Additional information:

  • Location: Cobra Museum of Modern Art, Amstelveen
  • Address: Sandbergplein 1, 1181 ZX Amstelveen
  • Date: until May 12, 2024
  • Photobook: Anton Corbijn: MOØDe, available through MOKUMO.

Quote Anton Corbijn:

"I mainly photograph personalities, but fashion is increasingly a part of it. We all make a decision in the morning about what to wear, even if it's just a hat or a black T-shirt. Fashion is not always spelled out in capital letters."

Photobook: Anton Corbijn: MOØDe

The beautiful coffee table book MOØDe by Anton Corbijn contains nearly 200 photographs from the exhibition of the same name. The publication is published by Hannibal Books and available through MOKUMO.