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Assouline books

Recognized as the premier luxury brand in the cultural sphere and based in bustling New York, Assouline has set out to enrich a contemporary library with its Assouline books. Ranging from beautiful works on photography, art, travel and lifestyle to special editions created in collaboration with world-renowned tastemakers, this collection reflects a refined aesthetic and a profound passion for culture.


Discover the world of Assouline books at MOKUMO

Are you looking for a book that not only enriches your coffee table, but also your mind? Assouline books are more than just books; they are a window into the world of luxury, culture and unparalleled beauty. At MOKUMO, we are proud to offer an extensive collection of Assouline's most coveted titles. From the depths of the oceans to the heights of haute couture, Assouline books bring the essence of sophistication and enlightenment into your home.

The beginning of a publishing empire

Assouline's success story began in a modest basement in Paris, where Martine and Prosper Assouline embraced their dream. In 1994, couple Martine and Prosper Assouline published their first book, called "La Colombe d'Or," which highlighted their favorite hotel in southern France. This was the beginning of an epic journey. Anno today, Assouline has published 1,700 coffee table books in collaboration with the world's best-known brands and artists and has bookstores in New York, London, Paris, Istanbul, Mexico City and Seoul.  

Book Collections

The couple cast eyes with their iconic Memoire book collection. This was a series that spotlighted luminaries in fashion, jewelry, design and art. The success was overwhelming, with millions of copies sold around the world. After Memoire, they repeated the success with The Impossible Collection, with books on Chanel, Andy Warhol and others, Formula 1, Pablo Picasso, Rolex, Dali, Cartier, Botero and Riva. 

The Travel Series

Now, the book house is scoring with The Travel Series in which they feature fashionable travel destinations such as Ibiza, Miami, Capri, Mykonos, Tulum, Monaco, Lake Como and many other dream destinations present. 

The Style Series

Since summer 2023, Assouline has been publishing The Style Series, a collection of books on various art and design movements such as Art Deco, Bauhaus, Pop Art and Orientalism. 

A Global Phenomenon

With the move from Paris to New York City in 2007, a new chapter in Assouline's history began. Collaborations with the Council of Fashion Designers of America, awards such as the Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres, and innovative publications such as a waterproof book about the South Pole, showed the versatility and ingenuity of the publishing house. Recognition and awards continued to pour in, including the prestigious Art de Vivre award in 2016. LVMH saw the value and acquired a minority stake in the company in 2013.

World domination

Assouline's transformation into a luxury lifestyle brand is perhaps the most fascinating part of their journey. From a corner boutique in Bergdorf Goodman in 2003 to numerous brand corners in Spain, Monaco, South Africa, and even Manila, Assouline has established itself as a global brand. Their independent boutique in Paris and the chic Maison Assouline in London with its own Swans Bar restaurant are emblematic of their growth.

Discover Assouline at MOKUMO

At MOKUMO, we appreciate the power of a good book to enrich the mind and inspire the soul. Assouline book categories offer a window into the most refined aspects of human existence. Explore our curated collection and enrich your living room and yourself with a beautiful book from Assouline.

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We believe that every book is an adventure, a chance to explore new ideas and discover unknown worlds. Whether you are passionate about the history of fashion, want to unravel the secrets of the best culinary arts, or experience the beauty of faraway destinations, our collection offers something for every curious mind.

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MOKUMO not only offers a seamless ordering process, but also fast and free delivery. This means that you can quickly enjoy the visual splendor and inspiration that these coffee table books have to offer, with no hassles or extra charges.