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Travel & Nature books

Browse our extensive selection of coffee table books on travel and nature from well-known travel journalists and "wildlife" photographers. 
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Explore the world through the eyes of the world's best photographers with our travel and nature table books

Travel and nature are two of the most inspiring subjects for photographers and adventurers. Earth is rich with breathtaking landscapes, exotic animals and unforgettable cultural experiences. At MOKUMO, we understand the power of these images and stories. That is why we have created a special collection of coffee table books dedicated to travel and nature. These books are not only a visual feast for the eyes, but also a source of inspiration for your next adventure.

A window to the world

Our collection of travel and nature books offers a window into the world, featuring works by some of the most renowned photographers and adventurers. From the bustling streets of New York to the serene landscapes of Hawaii, each book takes you on a unique journey. For example, discover Elliott Erwitt's New York, a monochromatic ode to the metropolis by a legendary photographer, or New York by Thomas Hoepker, which masterfully captures the evolution of New York over the years.

Unique perspectives and themes

Our collection covers a wide range of locations and themes. Whether you are fascinated by urban landscapes or pristine nature, there is something for everyone. Books such as Ice is Black by Laurent Baheux, featuring breathtaking black-and-white images of icy landscapes and the animals that inhabit them, offer a unique perspective on the natural world. Shark: Portraits in turn presents extraordinary portraits of some of the largest sharks in the ocean.

For every adventurer and nature lover

Whether you are an avid traveler, a nature lover, or just someone who loves beautiful photography, our collection of travel and nature books has something to offer. These books are the perfect addition to any interior, whether in your living room, office or vacation home. They serve not only as inspiration, but also as conversation pieces for guests.

A gift that continues to inspire

Looking for the perfect gift? Our travel and nature books are a thoughtful and stylish choice. Wrapped in our signature packaging, complete with a personal message, it's a gift that's sure to be appreciated. In addition, we also offer gift cards for those who prefer to leave the choice up to the recipient.

Fast and free delivery

MOKUMO not only offers a seamless ordering process, but also fast and free delivery. This means that you can quickly enjoy the visual splendor and inspiration that these coffee table books have to offer, with no hassles or extra charges.

MOKUMO for businesses
In addition to its webshop, MOKUMO helps companies find the perfect corporate gifts, event incentives, gifts for staff and furnish reading tables, reception areas, hotel rooms and showrooms with coffee table books.

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