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The largest collection of coffee table books featuring photography, art, fashion, design, interior, food, architecture, travel, nature and Amsterdam.


Neeltje de Vries: Her

Impressive repertoire of beauties

Neeltje's work shows that in addition to having an impressive repertoire of beauties, women are essentially free, independent, powerful and as boundless as they are inscrutable. Neeltje's women do not try to charm the viewer. They want nothing from you, no matter what you want, they are untamed and indomitable. In doing so, Neeltje not only detaches herself from the traditional way of looking at women, she shows that women are so much more than what they have been reduced to by the dominant male gaze and centuries of stereotyping in a patriarchal society.

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MOKUMO is a bookstore specializing in coffee table books by the world's most famous tastemakers. The webshop offers the largest collection, aesthetically and visually pleasing books featuring photography, art, design, fashion, interior design, architecture, gastronomy, travel, nature and urban photography. OVerzichtelijk and presented by category, publisher and theme. With information about the book, its creators and publisher. Enriched with photography, video and digital preview copies.

International and local publishers

The coffee table books on MOKUMO are by well-known publishers such as Abrams, ACC Art Books, Asouline, Carrera Culinary, Gestalten, Hannibal, IDEA Books, Mack, MENDO, Phaidon, Prestel, Rizzoli, TASCHEN, teNeues, TerraLannoo and Thames & Hudson.


Coffee table books are the finishing touch to any interior. MOKUMO enjoys helping to furnish interiors of homes, businesses and restaurants with tasteful photo books and building its own collection.


Coffee table books and gift cards are the perfect gift to give away as presents. Packaged in stylish packaging with your own corporate identity and a personal message, we provide a nice gift.