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TOP 5 Wildlife books: Nature photography from the world's best-known wildlife photographers

The nature Capturing the world in all its glory is an art in itself. Photographers and writers spend hours, days, sometimes years in the wilderness to capture the essence of our planet. For those of us who want to explore the beauty of the world from the comfort of our homes, are coffee table books a window into the pristine and breathtaking landscapes that dot our earth. MOKUMO proudly presents a selection of the top five nature books that deserve a place in any collection.

True Wildlife"

True Wildlife" by Tom D. Jones is a beautiful photo book that captures the beauty of wild animals in their natural habitat. With emotionally charged portraits of animals such as elephants and lions, the book emphasizes the importance of conserving these species and their habitats. Steve McCurry's foreword reinforces the book's message, which serves as a call to action for conservation. This hardcover book, published by TerraLannoo, is a must-have for nature lovers.

Ice is Black"

Laurent Baheux's "Ice is Black" captures the breathtaking icy landscapes and their inhabitants through impressive black-and-white photography. From glaciers to frozen plains, the book shows the beauty and fragility of these environments and emphasizes the need to protect them. Published by TeNeues, this book is a powerful call for the preservation of our planet's fragile icy landscapes.

"Shark: Portraits" by Mike Coots

Shark: Portraits by Mike Coots is an extraordinary book that highlights the beauty and importance of sharks in our oceans. Mike Coots, himself a shark attack survivor, has dedicated his life to capturing the majesty of these top predators. His portraits reveal the power and intelligence of several shark species, from the tiger shark to the great white shark.

Beusker: Look into my Eyes

Beusker: Look into my Eyes" showcases the impressive work of nature photographer Lars Beusker. His black-and-white animal portraits offer an intimate view of nature. With limited editions, Beusker's photographs are sought-after collectibles, capturing the soul of animals in their natural habitat.

The Oceans: The Maritime Photography of Chris Burkard

The Oceans: The Maritime Photography of Chris Burkard" celebrates the majesty of the oceans through the lens of adventurer and photographer Chris Burkard. This book takes you across the seven seas and emphasizes the need to protect our oceans. Burkard's photographs inspire wonder and respect for the deep blue waters.


These top five nature books offer a unique perspective of the world around us, from the bustling streets of New York to the serene beauty of Hawaii. Each book is a masterpiece in its own right, a must-have for any lover of photography, travel and nature.

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