Beusker: Look into my Eyes


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Beusker: Look into my Eyes
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Beusker: Look into my Eyes

"Look into my Eyes" is the first monograph by Lars Beusker, a passionate nature photographer acclaimed worldwide for his black-and-white animal portraits.



Coffee table book Look into my Eyes by nature photographer Lars Beusker

"Look into my Eyes" is the first monograph by nature photographer Lars Beusker. In it, the passionate fine-art photographer presents the best animal portraits in black and white from his nature photography portfolio.

Nature photographer of the year 2022

Beusker's photographs are exhibited in galleries worldwide. With an edition of only ten prints per photo, they have long ceased to be a secret tip for enthusiasts and have become coveted collectibles, so much so that many yearn to own a real Beusker. With the illustrated book "Look into my Eyes," fans now have the opportunity for the first time to admire Beusker's beautiful photographs as collector's items.

As one of the most important nature photographers of our time, Lars Beusker rightly received the title "Nature Photographer of the Year 2022 (first place)." He photographs wild animals in their natural habitat up close and almost always manages to make eye contact. Like a human portrait, Lars uses short focal lengths for which he approaches his models to within two meters. He deliberately seeks the animal's attention and sensitively captures this intense moment with the camera. The viewer feels that he can look directly into the soul of the animal. The fascinating intimacy the artist creates with giraffes, buffaloes and zebras is palpable.

Beusker's photographs of wild elephants and big cats such as leopards, panthers and lions are also legendary. Animals that you as a human being would never get that close to under normal circumstances. The fascinating black and white photographs are bursting with detail. Every hair, wrinkle and muscle of the wild beauties is visible, and in some photos you feel as if the animal will jump out of the book at you the next moment.

"Look into my Eyes" is a coffee table book to dream away in, marvel at and sink into. The right read for animal lovers and lovers of aesthetic fine art photography.

Title: Beusker: Look into my Eyes
Author: Lars Beusker
Publisher: TeNeues
Size: 297 x 379 x 30 mm
Size: 224 pages
Weight: 2560 grams
Language: English
Material: Hardcover
ISBN: 9783961714964


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