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Streets of New York
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Streets of New York

Streets of New York is part of the Streets of... books collecting the personal views of several photographers of their favorite metropolis.



More than 60 million people visit New York City each year. Each traveler experiences the city in a unique way. There is no such thing as one New York. 'Streets of New York' is a New York photo book that celebrates the enormous diversity of the Big Apple by bringing together more than 40 contemporary photographers and showing their multiple perspectives on this unique metropolis.

A fusion of styles: Contemporary photographers at work
Often drawing on a strong social media presence, each photographer offers his or her personal take on New York's unparalleled vibrancy, impact and appeal. The result is a rich collection of urban photography and street style, and a visual catalog of New York travel inspirations.

Iconic landmarks: From the Empire State Building to the Brooklyn Bridge
Photos of world-famous New York landmarks and attractions such as the Empire State Building, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the World Trade Center Transportation Hub are interspersed with images of New York's hidden treasures, Manhattan's charming nooks and crannies, and New York City's lesser-known but equally interesting neighborhoods.

A loving look: The city that never sleeps
All of these images are captured with a contemporary attention to detail and a loving eye for the City that Never Sleeps. It is a tribute to a city that is constantly evolving, always changing, yet retains its unique character.

A must-have for fans of New York
'Streets of New York' is more than a photo book; it is an invitation to explore the versatility and soul of one of the world's most iconic cities. Whether you are a seasoned New Yorker or visiting the city for the first time, this book will inspire you, surprise you and give you a glimpse into the true essence of New York. Don't miss this opportunity to get your hands on a piece of the Big Apple and immerse yourself in the streets, people and culture that make New York what it is.

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Title: Streets of New York
Publisher: TeNeues
Size: 220 x 287 x 24 mm
Size: 224 pages
Weight: 1397 grams
Language: English
Material: Hardcover
ISBN: 9783961710836


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