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Streets of Amsterdam
Amsterdam books

Streets of Amsterdam

Streets of Amsterdam is part of the MENDO series of Streets of... books that collect the personal views of multiple urban photographers on a favorite metropolis.

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The coffee table book Streets of Amsterdam is part of the photo book series "Streets of...," in which various photographers share their personal perspectives on their favorite metropolises in the form of a photo book.

An atmospheric city portrait of MENDO's home base
Amsterdam, captured by more than 40 photographers, both local and international, offers a vivid insight into the soul of this historic city. These photographers, with a strong online presence, have captured the contemporary atmosphere and dynamics of Amsterdam, making this coffee table book an up-to-date snapshot collection of the city.

More than just canals and canal houses
Amsterdam is not only known for its iconic canals and the beautiful canal houses along them. It is one of the most diverse and multicultural cities in the world. This city offers a vibrant mix of people and urban scenes beautifully collected in this coffee table book. From street photography in the famous red light district to the architectural delights in Amsterdam's most modern neighborhoods; each photographer offers a unique perspective of the Dutch capital.

A fresh photographic ode to a historic city
This coffee table book from the 'Streets of...' series is a modern interpretation of the classic city photo book. This time it is devoted entirely to the home of MENDO: Amsterdam, a city they know through and through. The book serves as an introduction to the visual and multifaceted collection of Amsterdam's beauty. It is both a fresh photo tribute to a historic city and a visual inspiration for old and new Amsterdammers alike.

Streets of Amsterdam takes the reader on a visual journey, highlighting the city's versatility and rich culture. It is a must-have picture book for anyone who wants to experience or relive the magic of Amsterdam. If you want to see more books from Amsterdam, check out our blog about the top 5 Amsterdam books.

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Publisher: Mendo | TeNeues
Size 220 x 287 mm
Weight: 1516 grams
Number of pages: 224
Material: Hardcover
Language: English, German, French
ISBN: 9783961711468


MENDO Amsterdam

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