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Amsterdam, Leo van der Noort
Amsterdam books

Amsterdam, Leo van der Noort

Amsterdam is enviably beautiful. There are few people who can show the city as beautifully as photographer Leo van der Noort.


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Amsterdam is enviably beautiful. Its canals are filled with the tears that other cities have cried. There are few people who can show the city as beautifully as Leo van der Noort. All his photographs tell a story, no, they tell multiple stories. Little stories. The stories you forget because they are never captured.

Many photographers are looking for something big. Something compelling. Van der Noort simply looks for the freckles of the city. A wedding couple on the tramway. A tramp looking into a trash can. And as he looks into the trash can, the tourists look at him. Their gazes are so dirty that the trash can viewer is by far the cleanest person in the picture. He may have little, but he has so much more than those tourists. He has Amsterdam.

Author: Leo van der Noort
Size: 210 x 257 x 44 mm
Size: 400 pages
Weight: 1737 grams
Language: Dutch
Material: Hardcover


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