Bastiaan Woudt: Amsterdam Portraits



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Bastiaan Woudt: Amsterdam Portraits
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Bastiaan Woudt: Amsterdam Portraits

Intriguing photo series on the unique face of Amsterdam in dozens of portraits by Bastiaan Woudt



For Amsterdam Portraits, Bastiaan Woudt's unmistakable style captures the diversity of "the Amsterdammer. Woudt toured the city in search of the most extraordinary heads and portrayed them sharply, almost abstractly and with great attention to detail.

The book Amsterdam Portraits shows Amsterdammers of very diverse ages, origins and professions - from famous actor to anonymous streetwalker, from schoolchild to retiree. It gives a wonderful picture of the diversity the city exudes. This is how Amsterdam looks today.

Bastiaan Woudt has rocketed into the world of contemporary photography. Although he began photographing only six years ago, with no experience or training, he has developed a distinct style in a short time, with a preference for portraits and nudes and with an unparalleled eye for detail. Even when he spends only a brief moment with his subject, he manages to capture the essence in a powerful, iconic image.

: Amsterdam Portraits
Photographer: Bastiaan Woudt
Weight: 1583 grams
Format: 338 x 248 x 29
Material: Hardback
Language: English


Bastiaan Woudt

The young Dutch photographer Bastiaan Woudt (b. 1987) is already making high strides in the world of contemporary photography. He received several solo exhibitions and his work was shown at several international photography fairs and festivals. In 2015 he was named "New Dutch Photography Talent," and in 2016 the British Journal of Photography labeled him...