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Dolf Toussaint: Amsterdam before it's over
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Dolf Toussaint: Amsterdam before it's over

Amsterdam photographer Dolf Toussaint (1924-2017) roamed the streets of Amsterdam with his camera from the 1960s onward, eloquently portraying its inhabitants.


In a world where change seems the only constant, Dolf Toussaint has used his camera to take a snapshot of a time that will not return. His book "Amsterdam before it's over" is not only a collection of photographs, but also an emotional tribute to a city in transition and its residents at the crossroads of past and future.

A city on the move
The 1960s were a time of great change, both social and cultural. As the world around him evolved at a rapid pace, Toussaint wandered the streets of Amsterdam, with a keen eye for the subtle moments that characterized daily life. In working-class neighborhoods such as the Jordaan and the Pijp, as well as in the Ten Kate neighborhood and Nieuwmarkt district, he recorded life as it was - raw, real and unfiltered.

More than just images
What makes Toussaint's photographs so powerful is their ability to tell stories. Each image is a story in itself, a glimpse of life as it was. His photographs need no words; they speak for themselves, as the photographer himself once said. They capture the essence of a moment, a look, a feeling.

A tribute to the past
"Amsterdam Before It's Over" is more than a photo book. It is a love letter to a city and its people, a reminder of a time past but not forgotten. Through the lens of Dolf Toussaint, we get a unique chance to travel back in time and catch a glimpse of the Amsterdam of yesteryear. It is a time capsule, carefully preserved for future generations, and a lasting tribute to the art of observation and recording.

Title: Amsterdam for the past
Author: Dolf Toussaint
Size: 256 x 246 x 23 mm
Size: 208 pages
Weight: 1139 grams
Language: Dutch
Material: Hardcover
ISBN: 9789059375222


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