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The Ajax Shirt
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The Ajax Shirt

This spectacular book gloriously depicts the endless variety of Ajax shirts with compelling stories.


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The Ajax shirt book: An ode to the most beautiful soccer shirt ever
As distinctive as Ajax itself is the white shirt with the vertical red stripe. It is not just any shirt; it was voted the most beautiful soccer shirt ever by France Football magazine. In the 1970s, the classic Ajax shirt underwent numerous transformations. Fashionable adjustments in design and material gave the shirt an ever new look.

The versatility of the away shirt: A plaything of designers
The away shirt in particular became a canvas for designers. What once began as a simple "spare shirt" changed color and style incessantly. This created an endless variety of Ajax shirts. But regardless of the changes, the jerseys remain forever in vogue thanks to the collector's never-ending fanaticism.

A visual journey through history: Three hundred original game jerseys
In "The Ajax shirt - the glory of red & white," more than three hundred original match shirts are spectacularly portrayed. But the book goes beyond just the shirts. It dredges up historical matches in which the Ajax shirt shone and highlights striking wearers of the Ajax shirt.

Special Editions: A must for fans and enthusiasts
In addition to a standard edition, this ultimate standard work on the Ajax shirt also features three special extra deluxe editions: the Dennis Bergkamp edition, the Stanley Menzo edition and the Jari Litmanen edition. "The Ajax shirt - the glory of red & white" is more than a book; it is a tribute, a collection of memories and a must-have for fans and enthusiasts.

The Ajax shirt is more than a piece of fabric; it is a symbol of pride, history and culture. This book captures the essence of what it means to be an Ajax fan and offers a unique look at the evolution of the shirt. It is a timeless reminder of the glory of red and white, captured in a beautiful book that every soccer fan should own.