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Jimmy Nelson booking

Jimmy Nelson books take you on an extraordinary journey to an all corners of the world. From indigenous tribes in Africa to nomadic communities in Siberia, every page is filled with colorful portraits and intimate moments that will enchant you.

The Traveling Storyteller: Jimmy Nelson

There he is - the adventurous spirit, the intrepid explorer behind the lens. Jimmy Nelson, the man who traveled the world capturing indigenous peoples before they faded into the flow of time. A British photojournalist and photographer who uses his camera and compassion to capture and compile the stories of endangered cultures in beautiful Jimmy Nelson books.

A beginning of passion: Tibet and beyond
It all began in 1987, when Jimmy Nelson first picked up the camera after a remarkable journey on foot through Tibet. A journey that not only led his feet over trails, but also opened his heart and vision to the wonders of photography. His lenses captured not only images but also emotions, creating a visual diary that revealed the complexities of a previously hidden world.

Before They Pass Away
In 2009, Jimmy Nelson set in motion his most ambitious project: Before They Pass Away. Three years of encounters, journeys and moments of shared humanity. Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and the South Pacific became his canvas, and indigenous communities were his protagonists. With a vintage 4×5 camera, he captured more than 35 groups, cherished in the timeless pixels of analog.

A monograph of significance
From photographs to stories, the project found a home in his debut monograph, a coffee-table-sized book of the same name. A picture book that contained not just paper, but soul and voice of the people Jimmy Nelson met. A monument to cultural diversity and human resilience that embraced the world and told stories that would otherwise be lost.

Award-winning recognition
The world couldn't help but look up and listen. Jimmy Nelson's work appeared in the halls of famous publications such as National Geographic, Harpers Bazaar and Vogue. His photographs became a window into worlds that would otherwise remain hidden. His name and his lenses were recognized by the prestigious BBC News, The Independent and The Guardian.

Museums and galleries
The walls of museums and galleries became the canvas for Jimmy Nelson's masterpieces. His images, imbued with life and meaning, found their home in international museums and galleries of photographic art. A tribute to the power of visual storytelling that transcends borders and cultures.

Sensory exhibition Jimmy Nelson
Fabrique des Lumières on the Westergasfabriek grounds is the largest immersive art center in the Netherlands. In a large industrial space with walls up to 17 meters high, you witness Jimmy Nelson's sensory stimulating exhibition. With advanced technology and accompanying music, the artworks are brought to life.

Human diversity
Adhering not only to digital boundaries but also to tangible art, Jimmy Nelson brought beautiful coffee table books to life. Jimmy Nelson books such as Homage To Humanity and Between The Sea and The Sky are not ordinary books, but doors to adventure, compassion and the greatness of human diversity.

Photographer Jimmy Nelson's lens doesn't just capture images; it captures life, spirit and the eternal connection between people and the world. With each click of the shutter, he brings us closer to cultures that might otherwise fade away. His work is a love letter to humanity, written with light and shared with the world.