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All about coffee table books

At MOKUMO, we understand the value and beauty of coffee table books. They are not only a source of inspiration and knowledge, but also an essential element of any sophisticated interior. Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about coffee table books.

How big is a coffee table book?

Coffee table books vary in size, but are generally larger than standard books to better present visual content. Sizes can range from about 240 x 300 mm for art books to 285 x 285 mm for large square formats, ideal for photography and art.

What is a table book?

A table book, or coffee table book, is a large, usually hardcover book intended to be placed on a table in a room where guests are received. These books are richly illustrated and often serve as conversation starters or sources of inspiration.

What makes a coffee table book different from other books?

Coffee table books are distinguished by their aesthetic and visual appeal. They contain high-quality photography, art, and design and often focus on specific themes such as fashion, architecture, nature, and travel. Their purpose is to both inform and decorate.

How do I choose the perfect coffee table book for my interior?

When choosing a coffee table book for your interior, consider themes that appeal to you and fit the style of your space. MOKUMO offers a wide range of books in different categories, making it easy to find one that complements both your personal taste and your interior.

What themes are popular in coffee table books?

Popular themes include fashion, art, design, architecture, gastronomy, travel, nature, and urban photography. These themes offer a rich visual and content experience, perfect for inspiration and relaxation.

How are coffee table books used in interior design?

Coffee table books are the finishing touch to any interior. They add an element of style and sophistication, while also serving as a source of inspiration for guests. They can be strategically placed on coffee tables, in bookcases, or as part of a decorative arrangement.

What are the benefits of having coffee table books?

Coffee table books not only provide aesthetic value for your home decor, but are also a source of knowledge and inspiration. They can spark conversation, serve as a form of entertainment, and reflect your personal interests and tastes.

How can I create or put together my own coffee table book?

While MOKUMO specializes in offering coffee table books from the world's best-known tastemakers, we also encourage customers to create their own collections. This can be done by selecting books that resonate personally and tell a story you want to share.

What are the trends in coffee table books for the coming year?

Trends in coffee table books include sustainability, cultural diversity, and innovative art and design approaches. MOKUMO continues to lead the way by offering books that reflect these trends and constantly renewing our collection.

What are well-known coffee table book publishers?

International publishers such as Taschen, Assouline, TeNeues, Phaidon, Rizzoli, Thames & Hudson, Hannibal, Mack, IDEA, Abrams, TerraLannoo and many others have specialized in coffee table books. Large format books with diverse themes on the works of famous photographers, artists, fashion designers, designers, architects, interior designers, car designers, watchmakers, chefs and other high-profile figures. 

How do I care for my coffee table books to keep them in good condition?

To keep your coffee table books in top condition, avoid direct sunlight, dust them regularly, and store them in a dry place. Handle the pages carefully to prevent creases and tears.

What makes Rolex coffee table books so special?

Rolex coffee table books offer an in-depth look at the brand's history, craftsmanship and iconic status. They contain stunning photography and stories that appeal to both watch enthusiasts and lovers of luxury.

Can I learn about the different Rolex models in these books?

Yes, many Rolex coffee table books contain detailed information about the various models, their design features and the evolution of the brand over the years.

What can I expect from Porsche coffee table books?

Porsche coffee table books celebrate the brand's rich history and innovative design. They offer a look at legendary models, racing history and the philosophy behind Porsche's success.

Are there coffee table books that focus on specific Porsche models?

Yes, there are several coffee table books that focus specifically on iconic models such as the Porsche 911. These books dive deep into the details and cultural impact of these models.

Why should I invest in luxury brand coffee table books?

Coffee table books from luxury brands are not only a source of inspiration and knowledge, but also serve as a stylish addition to any interior. They reflect your personal interests and taste for sophistication.

How do I choose the perfect coffee table book for my collection?

Consider your personal interests and the themes that appeal to you. At MOKUMO, we offer a carefully selected collection of coffee table books from luxury brands, making it easy to find a book that suits your taste.