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Phaidon books

Browse our extensive selection of coffee table books from Phaidon with topics including art, fashion, entertainment, architecture and sneakers.
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Discover the world of Phaidon books at MOKUMO

At MOKUMO we are proud to offer an extensive collection of Phaidon books, a publisher known for its wide range of topics and high-quality publications. Phaidon books are not only an enrichment for your bookshelf, but also a source of inspiration and knowledge. From art and design to gardening and children's literature, Phaidon offers something for everyone.

A world of inspiration

Phaidon celebrates women's creativity and vision with books that highlight their inspiring journeys. Discover new perspectives on art collections, hip-hop's influence on the world, and the power of instinct in design and branding.

Cooking and gastronomy

For culinary enthusiasts, Phaidon offers wonderful books such as "Spain: The Cookbook," with 1,080 easy-to-follow recipes highlighting traditional and authentic Spanish cuisine. "The Silver Spoon - Pasta" offers a flavorful collection of pasta recipes.


For fashion enthusiasts, "Martin Parr: Fashion Faux Parr" is the first book devoted to the fashion photography of renowned British photographer Martin Parr. Rapper's Deluxe: How Hip Hop Made The World" presents the visual and cultural history of hip-hop, from underground pioneer to global tastemaker.


In the photography category, "Steven Klein Luxury" is a monograph showcasing the hyper-realistic and sexually charged images of star photographer Steven Klein. "Robert Mapplethorpe" offers a comprehensive overview of the work of legendary American photographer Robert Mapplethorpe.

Exclusive editions

For collectors, Phaidon offers exclusive editions, including limited-edition books and prints by artists such as Dana Schutz, Rebecca Manson, and Cerith Wyn Evans. These exclusive items are a must-have for any art lover.

Phaidon at MOKUMO

At MOKUMO, we understand the value of quality coffee table books. Our collection of Phaidon books has been carefully selected to provide you with visually appealing and content-rich publications. Whether you are looking for inspiration, knowledge, or simply a beautiful book to enrich your interior, Phaidon books offer something for everyone.

Discover our collection Phaidon books and be inspired by the world of art, design, nature, and much more.

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MOKUMO offers not only a seamless ordering process, but also fast and free delivery. This means you can quickly enjoy the visual splendor and inspiration this coffee table books have to offer, without hassle or extra cost.