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Discover the world of Thames & Hudson books at MOKUMO

Thames & Hudson, founded in 1949 by Walter and Eva Neurath, has emerged as a bastion of visual creativity and intellectual acumen. With a mission to create a "museum without walls," this publisher has dedicated itself to making art and science accessible to a wide audience. Today, Thames & Hudson is known for its extensive catalog of more than 2,000 titles representing the fine and applied arts, architecture, design, photography, fashion, film, music, archaeology, history and popular culture cover.

A rich history of innovation and expansion

The history of Thames & Hudson is one of innovation and expansion. Their first publication, "English Cathedrals," laid the foundation for a long string of successes. With the introduction of the iconic "World of Art" series, now numbering more than 300 titles, Thames & Hudson established itself as an essential resource for art schools and lovers of art and culture around the world.

Thames & Hudson booking at MOKUMO

At MOKUMO, we understand the value of coffee table books as the finishing touch to any interior. Thames & Hudson's books are not only pleasing to the eye, but also a source of inspiration and knowledge. Whether you are interested in the fine arts, architecture, fashion, or nature, our collection of Thames & Hudson books offers something for everyone.

Why choose to book Thames & Hudson?

  • Diversity and quality: From the depths of antiquity to the frontiers of modern art, Thames & Hudson books cover a broad spectrum of topics with unparalleled quality and depth.
  • A Source of Inspiration: Each book is a window into a world of aesthetics, knowledge and innovation, carefully curated by experts in their fields.
  • Perfect gifts: With their beautiful design and rich content, Thames & Hudson books are the ideal gift for any occasion.

Enrich your collection with Thames & Hudson

At MOKUMO, we make it easy to enrich your collection with beautiful books from Thames & Hudson. Our webshop is carefully organized by category, publisher and theme, so you can easily find what you're looking for. With detailed information about each book, including digital preview copies, we help you make the perfect choice.


Thames & Hudson books are an essential addition to any book collection, whether decorating your interior, deepening your knowledge, or finding the perfect gift. At MOKUMO, we are proud of our extensive collection from this prestigious publisher.

Fast and free delivery

MOKUMO not only offers a seamless ordering process, but also fast and free delivery. This means that you can quickly enjoy the visual splendor and inspiration that these coffee table books have to offer, with no hassles or extra charges.