Jimmy Nelson: Between the Sea and the Sky



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Jimmy Nelson: Between the Sea and the Sky
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Jimmy Nelson: Between the Sea and the Sky

In his new coffee table book, Jimmy Nelson showcases 20 communities in traditional dress and the environment that shaped them; the Netherlands.


Artist Jimmy Nelson, who has traveled the world since 1967, has a lifelong passion for encountering and capturing the world's last indigenous cultures. With an approach that exudes deep humility and respect, he has created a stage on which his subjects stand, radiating strength and beauty to the entire world. His latest book, "Between the Sea and the Sky," is a celebration of cultural diversity within the Netherlands and is his most personal work to date.

An unexpected journey: the Netherlands through the eyes of Nelson
In the spring of 2020, when travel suddenly became impossible, Nelson traded in the plane for a bicycle. He rode past fishing villages, polder landscapes and fortified towns, discovering traditional Dutch costumes. He realized it was as special as the cultural expressions of the Papuans or Maasai.

Between the Sea and the Sky: A portrait of the Netherlands
Nelson took advantage of the pandemic to portray the Netherlands in a way not done before. In "Between the Sea and the Sky," he portrays 20 communities in costume and the environment that shaped them. From Axel in Zeeland to Hindeloopen in Friesland and from Katwijk to Rijssen, the book shows a part of Dutch identity that has all but disappeared and been forgotten.

A personal immersion: Nelson's most personal book
An immersion in the culture of his adopted homeland, "Between the Sea and the Sky" is more than a picture book; it is a love letter to the Netherlands. It is a reminder of the rich and diverse culture this country has to offer, and a tribute to the communities and traditions that make it unique.

A must-have for lovers of culture and photography
'Jimmy Nelson: Between the Sea and the Sky' is an indispensable book for lovers of culture, photography and the unique beauty of the Netherlands. It is an invitation to explore the Netherlands through the eyes of an artist who has seen the world, and to discover and appreciate its beauty, complexity and diversity. It is a book that deserves a place not only on the coffee table, but also in the heart of anyone interested in the rich tapestry of cultures that surround us.

Author: Jimmy Nelson
Size: 290 x 370 x 47 mm
Size: 528 pages
Weight: 5848 grams
Language: Dutch
Material: Hardcover


Jimmy Nelson

Jimmy Nelson is a British photojournalist and photographer who throughout his three-decade career has traveled the world creating ethnographic portraits of indigenous peoples whose survival is increasingly threatened. He began as a photographer in 1987 after a one-year journey on foot through Tibet. The images he captured ...


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