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Icone of Jan Cremer
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Icon of Jan Cremer

'Icon' by Jan Cremer and Onno Blom tells the history of the relentless bestseller 'I Jan Cremer'.


In 1964, "I Jan Cremer" was published. Never before had a novel caused such a shock wave. The varying reactions were not limited to the literary world; politicians also commented and readers gave their unvarnished opinions. Artist and writer Jan Cremer created a controversial book with "I Jan Cremer" and also proved able to play on publicity in an ingenious way and thereby keep himself constantly in the spotlight. The success of his book continued for years to come, thanks to a strategy that he thought out to perfection.

There was also a well-considered thought behind the image on the cover, and Jan Cremer was unwilling to deviate even an inch from his plan. A cover with a portrait of the author was not done and was labeled terribly arrogant, but he was convinced from the beginning that he himself had to be seen on the cover and in an invincible pose. In a denim suit on a Harley Davidson, with a Marine cap and goggles on his head. He looks straight at you as if you could be knocked over by him at any moment. It is a portrait of a free-spirited Dutch boy who won't be told anything. The sculpture became an icon.

In "Icon," the history of "I Jan Cremer" is depicted in over 500 pages of previously unseen material. From the contract with the publisher to the shoot by photographer Wim van der Linden, from the design sketches to the advertising campaign, from the Second and Third Books to the Rock Opera.

In 'Icon,' a wealth of archival material surrounding 'I Jan Cremer' has been brought together. Dutchman Onno Blom wrote the accompanying essay "The history of 'n unrelenting bestseller," about that rebellious gutsy man on his motorcycle and the high-profile book he wrote.

Author: Jan Cremer / Onno Blom
Size: 200 x 265 x 29 mm
Size: 528 pages
Weight: 1184 grams
Language: Dutch
Material: Softcover


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