Dance in Close-Up - Erwin Olaf & Hans van Manen



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Dance in Close-Up - Erwin Olaf & Hans van Manen
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Dance in Close-Up - Erwin Olaf & Hans van Manen

Dance in Close-Up presents a unique look at dance and choreography by photographer Erwin Olaf and choreographer Hans van Manen.



In 2022, the grand master of Dutch dance, choreographer Hans van Manen, celebrated his 90th birthday. As a tribute to the amazing career, Erwin Olaf and Van Manen created the photo book Dance in Close-Up. The book offers a unique perspective on ballet and choreography. 

"Ballet inspires me. Human beings have the capacity to express themselves in many art forms, but in dance - and certainly in classical modern ballet - I am always amazed at that incredibly high form of expression. It's so precise and so incredibly artisanal, I admire that enormously." - Photographer and filmmaker Erwin Olaf

From the 1970s to the 1990s, Hans van Manen was not only one of the world's leading choreographers but also an internationally celebrated photographer. It was at this time that the then very young photographer Erwin Olaf met the renowned artist, who immediately took him by the hand and introduced him to the world of fine art and studio photography. This book celebrates their 40-year friendship with a photo series in which Van Manen directs moments from his choreographies, captured with extreme precision by Erwin Olaf.

"That the photographer is looking through the camera is different from looking directly at the figure. That's voyeuristic. The camera can do something you can't do as a spectator: make a close-up." - Choreographer Hans van Manen

Author: Erwin Olaf
Size: 310 x 320 x16 mm
Size: 120 pages
Weight: 1616 grams
Language: English
Material: Hardcover


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