Jimmy Nelson: The Last Sentinels



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Jimmy Nelson: The Last Sentinels
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Jimmy Nelson: The Last Sentinels

The Last Sentinels is a new beautiful soft-cover catalog that combines images from the books Before They Pass Away and Homage to Humanity.


The extraordinary coffee table book The Last Sentinels by the British/Dutch photographer Jimmy Nelson is a lush catalog that combines images from both Before They Pass Away and Homage to Humanity.

The book provides a visual overview of the communities Jimmy Nelson visited. The people are a living example of how to live in complete connection with each other, ourselves and the natural world. They are the few on this planet who are still in touch with this knowledge and live by their values. These cultures are the protectors or "last sentinels" of both humanity and this planet. Like both coffee table books, each image of The Last Sentinels is scannable with the free Jimmy Nelson App, revealing unique video content behind each image.

By purchasing "The Last Sentinels," you not only support indigenous communities keeping their heritage alive and passing it on to future generations, but you also contribute to the empowerment of these unique cultures. The Jimmy Nelson Foundation (JNF) is actively committed to the preservation and transfer of traditional knowledge within Indigenous communities. In a rapidly changing world where cultural diversity is under pressure, the JNF takes initiative through projects focused on reciprocity and education. These projects encourage indigenous cultures to create a lasting legacy of their rich heritage, so that this valuable cultural heritage is not lost but rather can flourish for generations to come.

Title: The Last Sentinels
Publisher: Jimmy Nelson Publishing
Size: 320x230x30 mm
Size: 252 pages
Weight: 1450 grams
Language: English
Material: Hardcover
ISBN: 9789083083216


Jimmy Nelson

Jimmy Nelson is a British photojournalist and photographer who throughout his three-decade career has traveled the world creating ethnographic portraits of indigenous peoples whose survival is increasingly threatened. He began as a photographer in 1987 after a one-year journey on foot through Tibet. The images he captured ...