Casper Faassen: Photographic Works


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Casper Faassen: Photographic Works
Photography books

Casper Faassen: Photographic Works

The extraordinary photographic work of visual artist Casper Faassen has finally been compiled in a deluxe coffee table book.

PUBLISHER: Terra Lannoo


Beauty is central to the artworks of visual artist Casper Faassen. The tranquil, eternal and beautiful is shown against a background of decay. His artworks are serene, yet rich in detail. He builds them up from several transparent layers, creating a distance between subject and viewer. A final layer of craquelé alludes to painting and provides contrast between beauty and apparent decay.

Coffee Table Book
Casper Faassen's wonderful coffee table book recently published gives a great overview of his photographic work of the Asia series, dancers of the National Ballet Series, as well as Cityscapes and Still Life in the style of Morandi.

Casper Faassen in Bildhalle (through May 27)
"The Space Between" is Casper Faassen`s first solo exhibition at Bildhalle Amsterdam. The exhibition offers the opportunity to explore the full range of his layered oeuvre: portraits, movement studies of male and female dancers, and explorations of the nude, landscapes and still lifes.


Author: Casper Faassen
Size: 310 x 260 mm
Size: 192 pages
Weight: 1446 grams
Language: English
Material: Hardcover


Casper Faassen

Casper Faassen grows up in Leiden where, inspired by the 17th-century masters of the same city, he develops his love of drawing and painting. Soon his attention shifts to photography and he develops his distinctive way of working. His work is exhibited at international fairs and is included in both private and public collections....