Jimmy Nelson: Homage to Humanity


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Jimmy Nelson: Homage to Humanity
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Jimmy Nelson: Homage to Humanity

Photographer Jimmy Nelson, known for Before They Pass Away, captures the essence of thirty iconic and disappearing tribes from Asia, Africa, Mexico, to Australia and India.


Coffee table book 'Jimmy Nelson: Homage to Humanity'

Artist Jimmy Nelson has traveled the world since 1967, driven by deep humility, respect and an insatiable curiosity about the world's last indigenous cultures. His personal approach has created a stage on which his subjects stand, radiating power and beauty to the entire world.

Homage to Humanity: An extraordinary journey

In 2018, Nelson published "Homage to Humanity," a work resulting from a three-year journey in which he photographed unique indigenous cultures in remote regions. From the Marquesas in French Polynesia to the Dolgans in Siberia, Nelson visited twenty-five communities and even returned to some of them to give them the book.

More than photography: A multimedia experience

This time, the extraordinary cultures were not only photographed, but also filmed and interviewed. 'Homage to Humanity' adds new layers to this long-running life project, exhibited in both the book, the exhibition and the free additional mobile app. It is an immersive multimedia experience that invites the reader to dive deeper into the world of these cultures.

An ode to humanity: Respect and admiration

Nelson's work is more than a collection of beautiful images; it is a tribute to humanity. It is a celebration of diversity, tradition and the unique beauty found in every culture. It is a reminder of the value of empathy, understanding and the connections that unite us all.

An indispensable work for culture lovers

'Jimmy Nelson: Homage to Humanity' is a must-have for anyone interested in culture, photography and the rich diversity of the human experience. It is a book that not only informs and inspires, but also invites reflection and appreciation of the beautiful mosaic of cultures that make up our world. It is a tribute to humanity, captured through the lens of an artist who has dedicated his life to celebrating and preserving the unique beauty of our world.


Title: Jimmy Nelson: Homage to Humanity
Author: Jimmy Nelson
Publisher: Jimmy Nelson Publishing
Size: 375 x 287 x 47 mm
Size: 528 pages
Weight: 5820 grams
Language: English
Material: Hardcover
ISBN: 9789083083230


Jimmy Nelson

Jimmy Nelson is a British photojournalist and photographer who throughout his three-decade career has traveled the world creating ethnographic portraits of indigenous peoples whose survival is increasingly threatened. He began as a photographer in 1987 after a one-year journey on foot through Tibet. The images he captured ...







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