Amsterdam, A Metropolitan Village



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Amsterdam, A Metropolitan Village
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Amsterdam, A Metropolitan Village

Amsterdam, A Metropolitan Village is a photographic tribute to a city to be proud of. A tribute to Amsterdam by photographer Ewout Huibers.

PUBLISHER: Terra Lannoo


Amsterdam, A Metropolitan Village is a photographic tribute to a city to be proud of. A city that bites off and embraces you, with the appeal of a metropolis and the nature of a Dutch village.

A city also with a unique geographical character, thanks to the miraculous balance between water and land. And where else in the world can you cycle from the heart of the city in 15 minutes into a landscape not out of place in Vermeer's masterpieces?

This surprising book is an homage to Amsterdam by photographer Ewout Huibers, who traversed the city for 365 days with his camera. The result is a pleasant visual encounter: familiar and surprising at the same time.

Title: Amsterdam, A Metropolitan Village
Photographer: Ewout Huibers
Publisher: MENDO
Size: 250 x 350 x 34 mm
Size: 352 pages
Weight: 1542 grams
Material: Hardback
Language: Dutch
Publisher: Terra
ISBN: 9789089898401


Ewout Huibers

Photographer Ewout Huibers (Arnhem, 1969) is a master of fine art. He has been working as a freelance photographer since 2000. His graphic vision is fully expressed in his specialty: urban photography, capturing interiors and buildings for architects and designers.