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Bastiaan Woudt

The young Dutch photographer Bastiaan Woudt (b. 1987) is already making high strides in the world of contemporary photography. He received several solo exhibitions and his work was shown at several international photography fairs and festivals. In 2015 he was named "New Dutch Photography Talent" and in 2016 the British Journal of Photography labeled him as one of the "ones to watch. In 2017, he received the special Van Vlissingen Art Foundation Grant as a young, talented artist. His very first book, Mukono (Hannibal, 2016), immediately became a collector's item.

Bastiaan Woudt loves classic subjects that have a distinct place in art history, such as the portrait and the nude. As a photography historian, he intersperses his work with references to important periods in the history of photography, such as Surrealism and the documentary photography of the 1960s and 1970s. By experimenting with both his camera and image processing techniques, surprising images emerge, giving a highly personal twist to classic patterns of expectation.

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