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Amsterdam Uncovered
Amsterdam books

Amsterdam Uncovered

Amsterdam Uncovered is a portrait of a metropolitan village compiled by a group of tastemakers, talented photographers and artists who contribute to the appeal of this city.

PUBLISHER: Terra Lannoo


Amsterdam Uncovered is a collection of Amsterdam places, people and photographs, curated and designed by the team at MENDO. A portrait of a metropolitan village, compiled by a group of tastemakers, talented photographers and artists who contribute to the appeal of this city. With in-depth stories, essays and interviews about everything Amsterdam has to offer.

In-depth stories including art, design and Johan Cruijff are interspersed with original photo series on subjects as diverse as soccer squares to nightlife. Dariuz's Jasak focused his camera on the city's remarkable architecture, Willemskantine portrayed new Amsterdammers and Eddie Stok sought out the best places in the city to read a book: the content of the book is as diverse as the city and its people themselves.

Amsterdam Uncovered features a surprising design, in-depth stories, candid interviews and the finest photographs of all that is Amsterdam so beautiful.

MENDO's editor Mikel van den Boogaard on the book: "The amount of talent, creativity, energy and beauty Amsterdam has to offer is incredible, as is the ease, size, water and diversity of its people and landscape. This book gives a glimpse of how we experience all that, and it shows why we love being here. We have called it a metropolitan village, but for some people a village can easily become too small. This book proves otherwise."

Title: Amsterdam Uncovered
Publisher: MENDO
Size: 227 x 292 x 25 mm
Size: 236 pages
Weight: 1311 grams
Language: English
Material: Hardcover
ISBN: 9789089898210


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