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Amsterdam The Gloobles Guide
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Amsterdam The Gloobles Guide

The Gloobles Guide is not an everyday city guide. It is a book as beautiful as it is functional and useful for locals and tourists alike.


AMSTERDAM The Gloobles Guide is not an every-day city guide. The city guide is as beautiful as it is functional and useful for both locals and people visiting the city for the first time.

Capturing the energy and dynamism of one of the most amazing cities, The Gloobles Guide offers the best of the best of what to see and do for discerning travelers and locals alike. Whether you're in Amsterdam are for a 24-hour business trip, you're freaking out for a week or want to rediscover your own hometown, this book is just what you need. From the intimate brown cafes to the impressively beautiful museums, there is something for everyone, something that reflects the city's convivial spirit.

At nearly 408 pages, the city guide includes more than 100 hot spots for dining, drinking, dancing and everything in between, as well as some wonderful walking and biking tours. The hotspots captured by Sophia van den Hoek are divided into nine of the city's most beautiful neighborhoods.

The team at Gloobles travels the world to discover and try out the most interesting, unique and unusual places. They then share these finds in handy, beautiful and useful guides especially for passionate globetrotters. This allows readers to disconnect from their screens, and dive into the city. Each tip is a personal favorite of the writers and natives who have something to write about their favorite neighborhood. This creates a perfect trip carefully balanced: the book happily alternates small bric-à-brac stores and organic fruit stalls with Michelin-starred restaurants and extravagant hotels. One minute you're bargaining in the market for a hand-woven scarf, the next you're enjoying contemporary art among snobby hipsters.

AMSTERDAM The Gloobles Guide is highly recommended for anyone who does not want to miss anything in the city and wants to see everything. The Gloobles Guide is also in our top 5 Amsterdam books.

Title: AMSTERDAM The Gloobles Guide
Author: Stephanie van Rappard
Size: 155 x 220 x 31 mm
Size: 408 pages
Weight: 790 grams
Language: English
Material: Paperback
ISBN: 9789090375571


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