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Release / Celebrate Life: The Story of ID&T
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Release / Celebrate Life: The Story of ID&T

This book reveals one of the most exciting chapters in modern cultural history. The story of a couple of guys from Landsmeer who gained world fame organizing dance parties and festivals such as Sensation, Thunderdome and Mysteryland.


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ID&T's success all began with a club of friends around Duncan Stutterheim from Landsmeer. On December 31, 1991, they organized their first own party at the local youth center. This was the beginning of a party organization that would grow into one of the largest in the world, riding the waves of the dance revolution.

Triumphs and Challenges: The Rise of a Dance Empire
The successes, the millions of records sold in the Thunderdome series, the downfall of the gabber scene, the first parties in the RAI and the Amsterdam Arena, and the fighting spirit that led to victories in the final minutes, were all recorded. The book became a success and is now a true collector's item.

ID&T's continued growth: From Sensation to global dominance
But ID&T didn't stop there. The company grew into the biggest player in the dance world and played a crucial role in the rise of Tiësto and Armin van Buuren. Sensation, which filled soccer stadiums with people dressed entirely in white, was launched in more than 30 countries.

Struggle and victory: The challenges and triumphs of ID&T
Things were not all rosy, however. Twice, bankruptcy was narrowly averted, including after the company choked on its own radio station. ID&T fought back and was eventually acquired for €130 million by the American company SFX, after intense negotiations in expensive Manhattan offices, with lawyers and sheer intimidation. The deal was closed, but SFX fell on hard times, and the game for millions began again.

Release / Celebrate Life: The complete story of ID&T
In 2003, the world was introduced to "Release - The Story of ID&T Part 1." This book by author Gert van Veen revealed one of the most exciting chapters in modern cultural history. "Release / Celebrate Life" is the complete story of ID&T: the 2003 book plus how it continued. The story of ID&T is not only an important cultural history story, but also a Dutch entrepreneurial story without parallel. It is a story of passion, perseverance, innovation and the indomitable spirit of a group of friends who changed the world of dance music forever.

Title: Release/Celebrate life
Author: Gert van Veen
Publisher: Mary Go Wild
Size: 153 x 235 x 57 mm
Size: 701 pages
Weight: 1385 grams
Language: Dutch
Material: Paperback
ISBN: 9789082284430


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