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Ed van der Elsken: Party
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Ed van der Elsken: Party

Feast is Ed van der Elsken's never published book full of celebration: fun, cheering, dancing, music, carnival, excitement and ecstasy, as well as drunkenness that appeared anyway.


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In the golden years of photography, around 1960, famed Amsterdam urban photographer Ed van der Elsken was working on an extraordinary project. With a keen eye for human behavior and an unparalleled passion for capturing life, he focused his lens on the universal theme of celebration and celebration.

A celebration of life
Van der Elsken, whose work always showed a deep connection to the human soul, compiled a book of photographs that was a kaleidoscope of festive moments. From the uninhibited joy of a street party, the rhythm of dancing crowds, to the intoxication of carnival and the intimate moments of exhaustion after a night of partying; his photographs were a celebration of life in all its facets.

Sparkling combinations
What made this project unique was Van der Elsken's ability to combine individual photographs into dynamic and rhythmic pairs. These combinations created a visual symphony where fun and energy splashed off the pages. It was as if he wanted to capture the essence of celebration and celebration in every page.

A lost treasure rediscovered
The mystery surrounding "Feast" is why such a brilliant design never saw the light of day. For reasons unknown to us, the project was set aside and forgotten. But as with all great art, it has a way of coming back into the spotlight. The design for "Party" was rediscovered in Van der Elsken's estate, acquired by the Rijksmuseum and the Nederlands Fotomuseum in 2019.

A tribute to a master
Sixty years after his original creation, "Feast" has finally been published in the format Van der Elsken envisioned. The book now stands as a tribute to one of Holland's greatest photographers, and as a reminder of the timeless beauty of celebrating life.

In a world that sometimes forgets the beauty of the moment, "Party" invites us to dance, laugh and live - exactly as Ed van der Elsken saw it.


Title: Celebration. Ed van der Elsken
Author: Mattie Boom and Hans Rooseboom
Size: 176 x 117 x 18 mm
Size: 240 pages
Weight: 352 grams
Language: Dutch
Material: Paperback
ISBN: 789462086067


Ed van der Elsken

Ed van der Elsken, the "enfant terrible" of Dutch photography was a talented photographer and filmmaker who for over forty years shaped his encounters with people in photographs, photo books and films. Strolling through world cities such as Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Amsterdam or touring Africa and Japan, he preferred to point his camera at...