The RoXY Archive by Cleo Campert


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The RoXY Archive of Cleo Campert
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The RoXY Archive by Cleo Campert

Cleo Campert's RoXY Archive is an ode to the euphoria of the early house years, to the wild and ragged Amsterdam of the late 1980s.


"The RoXY Archive" by photographer Cleo Campert is a tribute to the Amsterdam nightlife of the past.

At the heart of Amsterdam, in the vibrant 1980s, stood Club RoXY - a name that became synonymous with revolutionary music, unparalleled creativity and an indomitable spirit of freedom. Founded in 1987 as a modest culture salon, RoXY quickly transformed into the epicenter of the house music revolution, thanks to the visionary efforts of Eddy De Clercq.

RoXY: More than just music
While the walls of RoXY vibrated to the beats of house, the club was much more than just a music temple. It was the breeding ground where DJ greats such as KC The Funkaholic, Dimitri and Johnson spread their magic. Under the wings of co-founder Peter Giele, RoXY became a canvas for artists, performers and dreamers. It was a place where the lhbtq+ community felt at home, where they could be themselves, and where they came together for nights of passion, dance and celebration of diversity.

A time capsule of unforgettable moments
In the midst of this whirlwind of creativity and self-expression, Cleo Campert, armed with her camera, was ready to capture every moment. From the euphoric highs to the intimate moments, Campert's lens missed nothing. Until that tragic day in 1999, when flames engulfed the legendary club.

But from the ashes rises the phoenix. Although the club is no more, the spirit of RoXY lives on in "The RoXY Archive" by Cleo Campert. This book reveals hundreds of photographs hidden for years, paying homage to an era that changed the definition of Amsterdam nightlife. It is a love letter to icons such as Zubrowka, Harrie Wildeman and Jet Brandsteder, and to a time and place we will never forget.

In "The RoXY Archive," the magic of RoXY is revived, taking the reader on a nostalgic journey to a club that had no equal and probably never will again.

Exhibition at the City Archives
At the City Archives there is now the exhibition 'Who dances is free. Club culture in Amsterdam from 1980 to the present' with images and interpretation of Amsterdam nightlife. This exhibition does not aim to provide a chronological or historical overview of club culture in Amsterdam. Instead, it sheds light on various facets that make the night important. Innovation, emancipation, experimentation and creativity take center stage. If you want to see more books from Amsterdam, check out our blog about the top 5 Amsterdam books.

Title: The RoXY Archive
Author: Cleo Campert
Size: 270 x 391 x 26 mm
Size: 256 pages
Weight: 1658 grams
Language: Dutch
Material: Paperback
ISBN: 9789082075878


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