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Michael Müller. Sharks
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Michael Müller. Sharks

With no cage and a patented 1,200-watt studio-quality waterproof lighting system, Michael Muller photographs sharks in the oceans up close and with the same precision as in Hollywood.



TASCHEN'S coffee-table book Sharks by Michael Muller lets you discover the ocean's vulnerable predators like never before, captured in unprecedentedly impressive images. From the tiger shark in Fiji to the great hammerhead in the Bahamas, this book presents a selection of his most spectacular underwater images, including probably the first ever shot of a great white shark jumping at night.

Michael Muller's career has taken a remarkable turn. After gaining fame for his portraits of the world's most beloved movie stars, musicians and sports icons, he moved his studio to the depths of the world's oceans. Without a cage, he went on a daring journey to come face to face with sharks and other most feared sea predators.

For this exciting adventure, in which he strove to photograph the most impressive ocean predators up close with unprecedented technical perfection, Muller developed an advanced lighting system with 1200-watt flash heads in waterproof housings, using the latest NASA technology. This innovative system even earned him a patent. Over ten years, he assembled a spectacular collection of underwater photographs, including probably the world's first shot of a great white shark jumping out of the water at night.

This book takes you on a journey through various marine habitats and shares compelling stories of the challenges and near-misses of each expedition. It follows Muller's adventures, ranging from encounters with tiny black tip sharks and sand tiger sharks in South Africa to majestic hammerhead sharks in the waters of the Bahamas.

To honor Muller's commitment to conservation organizations such as WildAid and EarthEcho, this book includes essays by Philippe Cousteau Jr. and Dr. Alison Kock, who discuss exploring and protecting our oceans. Cultural journalist Arty Nelson takes an in-depth look at Muller's work and offers insight into the technical details of the equipment that made these stunning underwater photographs possible. Combining background information and stunning images, this book serves as a tribute to the beauty and power of sharks, while also being a cry for help about their endangered future.

Title: Michael Müller. Sharks
Author: Phillipe Cousteau
Publisher: TASCHEN
Size: 262 x 348 x 37 mm
Size: 300 pages
Weight: 2808 grams
Language: English
Material: Hardcover
ISBN: 9783836553599



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