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Shark: Portraits
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Shark: Portraits

The extraordinary portraits of some of the largest sharks in the ocean are big, bold and beautiful and provide a fresh photographic story of what it is like to be a top shark.



Big, bold and beautiful, the extraordinary portraits of some of the ocean's largest sharks provide a fresh photographic story of what it's like to be a top shark. In his coffee table book "Shark: Portraits," Mike Coots anthropomorphizes the giant fish, with amazingly detailed and unexpectedly intimate images, filled with the stunning character of each species beautifully revealed.

Mike Coots, who was nearly killed by a tiger shark as a teenager and has since dedicated his life to capturing and sharing the beauty of sharks and their indispensable role in a healthy ocean, gets very close to these magnificent creatures and presents his unique perspective through portraits that reveal both their brawn and their brains. Traveling all over the world (Hawaii, Mexico, New Zealand, the Bahamas and the Maldives), free-diving and deep-sea diving, often without a cage, Coots has captured tigers, great hammerhead sharks, rare oceanic whitetip sharks, lemurs, silvertip sharks, Caribbean reef sharks and enormous great white sharks as long as fourteen feet.

About Mike Coots
Since photographer Mike Coots lost his leg to a hair bite, he has become one of the most ardent advocates for sharks. He dedicates his life to protecting the animal that nearly took his life. From lobbying Congress to sharing compelling stories on social media, he is optimistic that the world can change the negative stigma of sharks.

Title: Shark: Portraits
Author: Mike Coots
Publisher: Rizzoli
Size: 423 x 312 x 27 mm
Size: 240 pages
Weight: 1708 grams
Language: English
Material: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780847873548


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