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Atelier Stephan Vanfleteren
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Atelier Stephan Vanfleteren

In recent years, Flemish photographer Stephan Vanfleteren has photographed intensively in his daylight studio at home, and this work is now collected in the coffee table book "Atelier."



In recent years, Flemish photographer Stephan Vanfleteren (b. 1969) has photographed intensively in his home daylight studio, and this work is now collected in the coffee table book "Atelier."

In this book, gray theater cloths form a constant backdrop, in both daylight and artificial light, as Vanfleteren searches for beauty and meaning. His subjects cover a broad spectrum, from people to objects. From well-known personalities to ordinary people, from the lived-in face of an old fisherman to Nick Cave's hand, from a bottle washed up on the beach to his own growing children and passionate artists. Vanfleteren examines the rigid body of a kingfisher and the graceful body of an elastic dancer, contemplating the slowly shifting sunlight on his theater canvas. His work is reminiscent of classical painting, with its mesmerizing "old" light, string light and chiaroscuro.

When the subject cannot be photographed in his home studio, he pulls up the gray theater cloths and creates his own studio on the spot. This project, "Atelier" by Stephan Vanfleteren, follows in the tradition of old and contemporary masters such as Rembrandt, Géricault, Zurbarán, Claesz., Cézanne, Borremans, Penn and Roversi. It is a tribute to the ability to observe, imagine, sublimate and ultimately fix. Vanfleteren remains true to his signature style and aesthetic, and with his craftsmanship, artist's heart and vitality, he makes us both witness and accomplice to a crime with incident light.

This photobook is enriched with a text contribution by Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer and Stephan Vanfleteren, taking the viewer and reader into the world of Vanfleteren's photography. "Atelier" is not only a collection of images, but also an insight into the creative process of the photographer, whose artistic vision captures the beauty and meaning of the world around us. It is a tribute to the power of observation, imagination and craftsmanship, and a must-have coffee table book for lovers of photography and art.

Title: Atelier Stephan Vanfleteren
Author: Stephan Vanfleteren
Publisher: Hannibal
Size: 215 mm x 140 mm x 27 mm
Size: 448 pages
Language: Dutch and English
Material: Hardcover
ISBN: 9789464666564


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