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Top 5 Car Books: All about the world's most beautiful and inconicuous dream cars in book form

Are you a car enthusiast looking for the ultimate collection of books that reflect your passion for speed, design and automotive history? Look no further. At MOKUMO, we have compiled a selection of the top 5 automotive books that every enthusiast should have in their collection. These books are not only pleasing to the eye, but also offer in-depth insights into the world of supercars, iconic models and the art behind car design.


This book is an ode to the fastest, most powerful and breathtakingly beautiful cars ever made. "Supercars" takes you on a journey through the evolution of high-performance vehicles, from classic models to the latest technological marvels. With stunning photography and in-depth stories behind each model, this book is a must-have for anyone fascinated by the limits of speed and design.

60 Years Porsche 911: Everlasting Love

No car enthusiast can ignore the iconic Porsche 911. This book celebrates 60 years of this legendary model, known for its unparalleled design and performance. "60 Years Porsche 911: Everlasting Love" offers a detailed overview of the 911's history, evolution and lasting impact on the automotive world. A tribute to a timeless icon.

Iconic: Art, Design, Advertising and the Automobile

This book explores the deep connection between the automotive industry and the world of art, design and advertising. "Iconic" shows how cars are more than means of transportation; they are cultural symbols that inspire creativity and innovation. With a rich collection of advertisements, artwork and design studies, this book is a fascinating look at the automobile as muse.

Neo Classics by René Staud

Neo Classics" by René Staud is a visual spectacle that bridges the gap between classic beauty and modern technology. This book presents cars that have achieved classic status due to their timeless design and technological advances. With Staud's signature photography, this book is a tribute to cars that have stood the test of time.

The Porsche Book - Extended Edition

This expanded edition of "The Porsche Book" offers an even deeper insight into the world of Porsche. With more pages, photos and stories, this book delves into the philosophy, design and performance that have made Porsche one of the most admired automobile brands in the world. An essential addition to any Porsche enthusiast's collection.


These top 5 car books offer a unique look into the world of automobiles, from the technical wonders of supercars to the artistic expression in automotive design. Each book is a masterpiece in itself, rich in visual splendor and engaging stories that any car enthusiast will appreciate.

Which of these books appeals to you the most and why? Share your thoughts and let us know which book makes your heart beat faster!

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