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Top 5 Rolex books: The finest coffee table books to learn all about Rolex and its rich history.

Rolex is more than a watch brand; it is an icon of success, innovation and quality. For fans of this prestigious brand, there are numerous books that explore the rich history, craftsmanship and exclusivity of Rolex watches.

Rolex has achieved many firsts in watchmaking history since its founding in 1908. Among these firsts are the first waterproof watch known as the Oyster (1926), the Perpetual watch (1936), the Datejust (1945), the Oyster Perpetual Submariner (1953), the GMTMaster (1954) and the Daydate (1956). Rolex's pursuit of perfection and desire to remain relevant to humanity drove the watch brand to continually innovate and improve its craft. This led Rolex to create functional, sophisticated and high-quality Professional watches. Paul Newman wore the Daytona. Paul Cayard preferred the YachtMaster II. Jennifer Garner and Cecilia Bartoli are fans of the Rolex Lady Datejust.

MOKUMO presents the best-selling Rolex books of the moment. Coffee table books filled with the world's most sought-after watches, which every watch lover should read.

"The Book of Rolex"

This book offers a comprehensive overview of Rolex's most iconic models. With stunning photography and in-depth analysis, "The Book of Rolex" a must-have for anyone who wants to understand the evolution of Rolex watches over the years.

"The Watch Book Rolex"

Another essential book that explores the history and heritage of Rolex. "The Watch Book Rolex" delves deeper into the technical innovations and design that have made Rolex one of the most coveted watch brands in the world.

"Rolex: The Impossible Collection"

This book is a true treasure for collectors and lovers of Rolex. "Rolex: The Impossible Collection" presents the most exclusive and rare Rolex watches ever made, and tells the stories behind these elusive pieces.

"Watches: A Guide by Hodinkee"

While not exclusively about Rolex, this book offers valuable insights into the world of luxury watches, including in-depth articles on Rolex models. "Watches: A Guide by Hodinkee" is a perfect addition to any watch lover's library.

"Ice Cold. A Hip-Hop Jewelry History"

This unique book explores the influence of hip-hop on jewelry and watches, with a special focus on Rolex. "Ice Cold. A Hip-Hop Jewelry History" is a fascinating look at how culture and luxury come together in the world of watches.


These top 5 Rolex books offer an unparalleled glimpse into the world of one of the most iconic watch brands. From its rich history and craftsmanship to its cultural impact, these books are essential reading for any watch lover. Which book appeals to you the most and why?

At MOKUMO we are proud of our extensive collection coffee table books, including this wonderful selection of Rolex books. Discover these and many other books in our webshop and enrich your collection with the beauty and craftsmanship of Rolex.