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Browse our extensive selection of XXL and limited edition coffee table books from the world's best-known tastemakers and publishers.
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Limited edition coffee table books: an exclusive addition to your collection

Coffee table books are not just books; they are works of art that enrich your living space, spark conversation and foster a deeper appreciation for aesthetics and knowledge. At MOKUMO, we understand the unique value these books add to your life. That is why we are pleased to present our collection of Limited Edition Coffee Table Books, a carefully selected collection that embodies exclusivity and beauty.

What makes limited editions so special?

Limited Edition coffee table books are the epitome of collectibles. They are distinguished by their rarity, unique features and often the signatures of the authors or artists. These books are produced in limited editions, making them an exclusive possession for the lucky owners.

Exclusivity and rarity

The limited edition of these books makes each copy a treasured possession. Owning a limited edition book is a sign of a true connoisseur and lover of art and culture.

Unique features

From special covers to unique illustrations and premium paper quality, limited edition coffee table books offer something standard editions cannot. These books are often enhanced with exclusive content, allowing for a deeper dive into the subject.

Investment in culture

In addition to their aesthetic and intellectual value, limited edition coffee table books are also an investment. Their value can increase over time, especially if they become rare or demand for them increases.

Our Collection

At MOKUMO, we have a passion for curating the most extraordinary and visually stunning coffee table books. Our collection of limited editions includes works on photography, art, design, fashion, interior design, architecture, gastronomy, travel, nature and urban photography. Each book in our collection is carefully selected to ensure that it is not only a beautiful object to own, but also a source of inspiration and knowledge.

A glimpse of our collection

  • Assouline: Riva Aquarama: A rare glimpse into the world of Carlo Riva, with exclusive photos and stories about the Aquarama.
  • Pablo Picasso: The Impossible Collection: A limited edition masterpiece that explores the limits of Pablo Picasso explores, Picasso's astonishing oeuvre, works that define the evolution of this illustrious artist.

Fast and free delivery

MOKUMO not only offers a seamless ordering process, but also fast and free delivery. This means that you can quickly enjoy the visual splendor and inspiration that these coffee table books have to offer, with no hassles or extra charges.

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In addition to its webshop, MOKUMO helps companies find the perfect corporate gifts, event incentives, gifts for staff and furnish reading tables, reception areas, hotel rooms and showrooms with coffee table books.

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