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Rob Scholte

Rob Scholte (born Amsterdam, 1958) is the king of copyright. Images from art and advertising, but also from everyday life, form the starting point for his paintings. Without embarrassment, he uses existing images. He makes unexpected connections and juggles with meaning. Reproduction in all forms characterizes Scholte's art and it is precisely these reproductions that ensure that his work reaches a large audience.

Scholte is the indispensable exponent of the tumultuous and illustrious 1980s. His paintings contribute to the new revaluation of figurative painting after modernism; in Scholte's case, by the way, that does not exclude abstraction at all. His art is as idealistic as it is commercial, both alternatively critical and slickly kitsch, ironic and deadly serious, above all always, as a kind of thread, paradoxical. Scholte is irrefutably the most discussed living Dutch artist, belonging to the international postmodernist movement.

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