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Amsterdam Street Art
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Amsterdam Street Art

The coffee table book Amsterdam Street Art constitutes a carefully curated collection consisting of nearly 900 photographs of the work of more than 500 street artists.


The photo book Amsterdam Street Art is a collection of photographs of Amsterdam street art that Kees Kamper has managed to impressively capture over the past 17 years. Although urban redevelopment projects have obliterated a significant portion of the graffiti, Kamper has captured this art form in his photographic ode.  

In recent years, street art has undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving from a subversive underground art movement to a ubiquitous force on the streets. The essential role of graffiti and street art in modern art is increasingly recognized, and this art form has rightfully earned its rightful place in galleries and the collections of renowned museums.

Amsterdam has always occupied a unique position in the world of graffiti and street art. The city acted as a grateful canvas for local artists and soon attracted the attention of international street artists. Many of them found in Amsterdam the space and freedom they needed to further develop their art on the walls of squatted and abandoned buildings, in quiet alleys and remote areas.

The coffee table book Amsterdam Street Art is a carefully curated collection, consisting of nearly 900 photographs of the work of more than 500 street artists. Each artwork has been photographed with precision and love for the streets of Amsterdam by Kees Kamper.

Title: Amsterdam Street Art
Author: Kees Kamper
Publisher: comma
Size: 240 x 165 mm
Language: English
Material: Softcover
ISBN: 9789083301945


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