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Assouline: Windows at Tiffany & Co.
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Assouline: Windows at Tiffany & Co.

Discover the enchanting world of Tiffany & Co. through the fascinating window displays of their Fifth Avenue flagship that have enchanted visitors of all ages for generations.

PUBLISHER: Assouline


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They are amazing, wondrous and always, invariably modern: the window displays of Tiffany's Fifth Avenue flagship are what dreams are made of. Their appeal is universal, inviting passersby, young and old, to disappear through the mirror and into an enchanting world of pinki-blue, where even the most elusive fantasies can become reality. "Windows at Tiffany & Co." is a hand-bound, oversized Ultimate Collection edition that offers a well-composed tour through the intricately designed displays that continue to serve as references of the zeitgeist.

A journey through time and style
From legendary designer Gene Moore's Christmas and Valentine's Day displays to the neon creations of Tiffany & Co.'s current creative team, this book is a celebration of style, innovation and the timeless appeal of one of the world's most recognizable brands.

Behind the scenes: Concepts, manuscripts and insights
Along with never-before-seen concept sketches, historical manuscripts and behind-the-scenes images, "Windows at Tiffany's" offers insights from cultural influencers and devotees of the world's global arbiter of design and style. It is an intimate look at the creative process that brings these iconic displays to life.

The spirit of Tiffany's: Nostalgia and imagination
This book is not just a visual treat; it is a reimagining of the whimsy and spirit of Tiffany's. It evokes nostalgia for the moment of every reader's first blue box. It is a reminder of the magic of luxury, the beauty of craftsmanship and the power of imagination.

A must-have for lovers of design and luxury
"Assouline: Windows at Tiffany & Co." is more than a book; it is an experience. It is an invitation to explore the world of Tiffany's, a world where dreams come to life and where beauty can be found in every detail. For lovers of design, luxury and the unique style that Tiffany's embodies, this book is an essential possession. It is a tribute to a brand that continues to inspire, delight and make the world a little more beautiful, one window display at a time.



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