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Brazil by Olaf Heine
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Brazil by Olaf Heine

In the coffee table book "Brazil," Olaf Heine contrasts the Brazilian landscape and architecture with the curves of the people - surfers, dancers and beautiful women.



In his recently revised book of photographs, "Brazil," Heine contrasts the Brazilian landscape and architecture with the curves of the people - surfers, dancers and beautiful women. He deliberately omits the otherwise stereotypical colors and presents an unusual black-and-white view of Brazil.

However, Heine is not only interested in the richness of curves in architecture and bodies, but also in a continuation in life: Everything is flexible and constantly in motion. From the intensity of desire to the lightness of forms, Olaf Heine shows us a fascinating country in all its diversity, beauty and melancholy.

"Curves make up the entire universe," Oscar Niemeyer, Brazil's star architect, once said. Photographer and director Olaf Heine met the legendary architect shortly before his death. Since 2010, the renowned portrait and fashion photographer has been tracing the soul of Brazil, showing its sensual joie de vivre with a great sense of shapes and textures.

In his works, Heine shows the place of desire created by the first generation of Brazilian modernists in the mid-20th century in architecture, literature and music as an aesthetic expression of a social, political and urban society undergoing positive changes. A wishful dream and supposed utopia that many people look back on with longing, especially in today's context.

The coffee table book "Brazil" is the embodiment of Brazilian "saudade," the desire and wanderlust for the tropical beauty of nature, vibrant cities and unique people. For all fans of Brazil, this illustrated book is a wonderful gift to immerse oneself again and again in the country and its optimistic way of life, free of clichés.

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Title: Brazil
Author: Olaf Heine
Publisher: teNeues
Size: 262 x 350 x 35 mm
Size: 264 pages
Language: English
Material: Hardcover
ISBN: 9783961715343



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