Dear Future Me, Jasper Suyk


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Dear Future Me, Jasper Suyk
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Dear Future Me, Jasper Suyk

An ode to the female body and the mental journey that accompanies it. Vulnerable, real, pure, unique. With Dear Future Me, photographer Jasper Suyk asks twenty-eight women to expose themselves. Literally and figuratively.


Get lost in a world of intimacy and empowerment. Discover a book that whispers of vulnerability and whispers of strength. It is called "Dear Future Me" and it is an ode to nature's most beautiful work of art: the female body, with all its nuances and emotions.

Imagine, each image captured through the lens of Jasper Suyk, tells a story of purity and authenticity. Each image is a gentle embrace, a celebration of each woman's unique beauty. But there is more than just the photographs. It is letters, written by the models to their future selves, that fill the pages. Letters infused with love, strength and reflection.

This coffee table book invites you to embrace the journey of womanhood. From the young woman overcoming her fears to the wise old woman looking back on a life of adventures. It celebrates all women brave enough to show themselves, in all their glory and vulnerability.

"Dear Future Me" invites you to look inward, with gentleness and compassion. It asks you to see yourself as you have never seen before - as a masterpiece in the making. It reminds you that beauty is not only found in perfection, but also in the journey of self-discovery and acceptance.

So take a moment. Flip through the pages. Be inspired by the stories they tell. And ask yourself: what would my future self say to me? Would I be proud of the person I have become? In "Dear Future Me," you will discover not only the beauty of the female body, but also the power of self-love and acceptance.

Title: Dear Future Me
Author: Jasper Suyk
Size: 328 x 246 x 26 mm
Size: 240 pages
Weight: 2064 grams
Language: Dutch
Material: Hardcover
ISBN: 9789464912555


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